ACNC Registered Charity Tick


Mercy Centre Australia ABN 57 160 325 799 (MCA) has a policy in place in which it guarantees to transfer 100% of all financial contributions it gets from Australian contributors to HDF Mercy Centre for the purpose of child sponsorship and one-off donations for Special Projects.

This "Child Guarantee" Policy is possible because MCA has in place individual Australian contributors who have agreed to cover what few expenses MCA incurs. Each expense is "tagged" to a specific donor contribution. Our MCA books are accounted in this way and every year MCA’s return to the ATO is prepared by a Chartered Accountant to ensure that our accounts comply with our policy (This accountant does this for no cost).


The Child Guarantee Policy differentiates MCA from other child sponsorship programs and provides contributors with an audited peace of mind that every dollar of their hard earned contributions will go to the “Children of Mercy”.


MCA also runs a policy of complete transparency of our expenses. Listed below are the few regular annual expenses that MCA has incurred and expects to incur in the near future. MCA will keep this list updated as per our “Expense Transparency Policy”. This is also an opportunity to acknowledge and thank our generous expense contributors.

Please note that MCA does not pay salaries or wages to anyone, does not have an office and owns no physical assets. All MCA Australian personnel use their own homes, computers and cars to run MCA and pay for their own travel when we visit HDF Mercy Centre. John Golfin does all the book keeping for MCA at no charge. Vivien Chapman and Lucy Braoudakis will handle all administration not covered by this website at no charge.

List of expenses and who covers them:

ASIC Annual Review Fee: covered by John Golfin via donation.

Bank International Transfer Fees: (automatic charge for transferring funds from MCA to HDF Mercy Centre) covered by a credit issued by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia at the request of John Golfin or Lucy Braoudakis.

Compliance: covered by George Diamond of the Chartered Firm, PKF Di Bartolo Diamond & Mihailaros of Level 7, 28 University Avenue, Canberra ACT 2601. This involves preparation of Annual Report for ATO and includes any fees charged by independent auditors, ATO or ACNC.

Legal: covered by John Golfin via donation (only two one-off fees to set up MCA with ATO and then with ACNC). Do not expect any more legal fees. In the unlikely event they arise, John Golfin will cover them.

Website: covered by John Golfin via donation (Includes: Domain Name hosting, website set-up, annual website hosting & support and all Paypal merchant transaction fees).